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killtest EC-Council試験は、Eビジネスにおける特殊知識とキャリアの向上を求めるプロフェッショナルのためのEC-COUNCIL Certified Ethical Hacker認定試験です。killtest EC0-350試験での知識は、個人または、団体に対し、グローバル経済に対応するために、最も適したEビジネスソリューションの基本となります。

killtestはEC0-350参考書を提供しております、killtest製品問題集EC0-350 (Ethical hacking and countermeasures)試験問題集を使った後、お客様が認定合格にただ一歩の距離があります。まだ確信させませんか?今すぐkilltestのEC0-350練習試験を試してみましょう。全部の解答を暗記によって、順調に合格することができると思います。

1.Samuel is the network administrator of DataX Communications, Inc. He is trying to configure his
firewall to block password brute force attempts on his network. He enables blocking the intruder's
IP address for a period of 24 hours time after more than three unsuccessful attempts. He is
confident that this rule will secure his network from hackers on the Internet. But he still receives
hundreds of thousands brute-force attempts generated from various IP addresses around the
world. After some investigation he realizes that the intruders are using a proxy somewhere else
on the Internet which has been scripted to enable the random usage of various proxies on each
request so as not to get caught by the firewall rule. Later he adds another rule to his firewall and
enables small sleep on the password attempt so that if the password is incorrect, it would take 45
seconds to return to the user to begin another attempt. Since an intruder may use multiple
machines to brute force the password, he also throttles the number of connections that will be
prepared to accept from a particular IP address. This action will slow the intruder's attempts.
Samuel wants to completely block hackers brute force attempts on his network. What are the
alternatives to defending against possible brute-force password attacks on his site?
A.Enforce a password policy and use account lockouts after three wrong logon attempts even though this
might lock out legit users
B.Enable the IDS to monitor the intrusion attempts and alert you by e-mail about the IP address of the
intruder so that you can block them at the Firewall manually
C.Enforce complex password policy on your network so that passwords are more difficult to brute force
D.You cannot completely block the intruders attempt if they constantly switch proxies

2.Which programming language is NOT vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks?
D.Assembly Language

3.A client has approached you with a penetration test requirement. They are concerned with the
possibility of external threat, and have invested considerable resources in protecting their
Internet exposure. However, their main concern is the possibility of an employee elevating his/her
privileges and gaining access to information outside of their department. What kind of penetration
test would you recommend that would best address the client's concern?
A.A Grey Hat test
B.A Grey Box test
C.A Black Hat test
D.A White Hat test
E.A Black Box test
F.A White Box test

4.What type of port scan is shown below? Scan directed at open port: ClientServer ---------FIN---------> <----NO
RESPONSE------ Scan directed at closed port: ClientServer
A.Idle Scan
B.FIN Scan
D.Windows Scan


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