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killtestは70-668問題集を提供しております、killtest製品Microsoft MCSE 70-668問題集を使った後、お客様が認定合格にただ一歩の距離があります。まだ確信させませんか?今すぐkilltestの練習試験を試してみましょう。しかし、全部の解答を暗記によって、70-668試験を順調に合格することができると思います。

killtest 70-668テスト試験には、我々はお客様が成功に試験合格のために、一生懸命に努力してお客様に完全で均衡な公式を提供します、killtestのMicrosoft認証の質問と練習試験の製品は試す認定70-668試験に自信を持ってお客様の能力を高めます。一発合格することが保証できます。

試験名称:PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator

You have a SharePoint Server 2010 server farm that contains one Web server. The Web server has
only one IP address.
You plan to implement the following Web applications:
You need to recommend a solution to ensure that users can access all three Web applications. What
should you include in the solution.?
A. Host headers
B. Handler mappings
C. Extended zones
D. Alternate access mappings
Answer: A

You plan to deploy a SharePoint Server 2010 server farm. The farm will contain a Web application for an
intranet site and a Web application for an extranet site.
The intranet will contain the following three content areas:
-Human resources
-Operations The extranet will contain the following two content areas:
All content databases will be backed up by using Microsoft SQL Server. You need to recommend the
minimum number of site collections required for the farm. You must ensure that each content area can be
restored independently. How many site collections should you recommend?
A. 7
B. 5
C. 2
D. 1
Answer: B

You plan to deploy SharePoint Server 2010 and to enable self-service site creation. You need to
recommend a Web application configuration to meet the following requirements:
-Users must be allowed to create site collections.
-Site collections created by Web developers must be deleted manually.
-Site collections created by managers must be deleted automatically if they are not used for 120 days.
-Site collections created by other users must be deleted automatically if they are not used for 60 days.
-The number of site collections must be minimized.
What should you include in the recommendations?
A. Three Web applications that each contains one site collection
B. One Web application that contains three site collections
C. One Web application that contains one site collection and one Web application that contains two site
D. One Web application and one site collection
Answer: A


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