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killtest IBM Cognos認証を取得すれば、COG-185テスト受験者は自身のレベルに対してテストする上に心からの喜びも感じます。IBM Cognos認定証を持ってば、就職の機会も多くなった。IBM Cognos認定資格の必須COG-185試験はCOG-185です。

COG-185テストは、合格者は、重要な知識と計画するために必要なCOG-185スキルを持っていることを証明する推定とCognos 8 BIにシリーズ7の移行を実施します。

IBM Certified Solution Expert - Cognos 8 BI Migration(上級)(US)
COG-185 IBM Cognos 8 Migration Professional(US)

1.From a technical perspective, which three applications can be upgraded rather than converted or
migrated? (Choose three.)
A. Visualizer
B. Decisionstream
C. NoticeCast
D. Metrics Manager
E. Transformer
Answer: B,D,E

2.When would a customer use Compress & Optimize.?
A. When similar reports can be consolidated into a single report.
B. When batches of BI reports can be moved over quickly to IBM Cognos 8.
C. When reports or models were not properly maintained and are no longer valid.
D. When dealing primarily with Impromptu Reports and Catalogs.
Answer: A

3.Which two statements describe a successful migration? (Choose two.)
A. Pre-assessments, fact-finding, investigation, and execution are iterative approaches rather than a
one-time activity.
B. Identify specific goals for the migration project, and then ensure that the migration meets expectations
and adds value to your business intelligence environment.
C. Educate yourself and customers about IBM Cognos 8 and then evaluate the current IBM Cognos
Series 7 applications.
D. Use and leverage the Cognos Solution Implementation Methodology (CSIM) Migration Roadmap of
detailed activities and deliverables for a migration project.
Answer: A,B

4.Which technical migration approach reflects using an offshore approach for additional savings of time
and money?
A. Lift & Shift
B. Hybrid
C. Compress & Optimize
D. Expand & Purge
Answer: A

5.The recommended approach to migration consists of five steps. Four of the steps are shown below: --
Create new applications in IBM Cognos 8 -- Continue using applications in IBM Cognos Series 7
environment -- Migrate applications to IBM Cognos 8 -- Migrate multiple applications to one application
Which step is missing?
A. Lift & Shift
B. Set up interoperability
C. Compress & Optimize
D. Perform training and education
Answer: B


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