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killtest PMI-RMP試験申し込みの際には、プロジェクトマネジメント経験証明(Experience Verification Information)の提出が求められます。申込者は、プロジェクト1件ごとに1様式へ記載します。申込書が不十分な場合は、差し戻しとなります。

PMI-RMP試験のプロジェクトマネジメントに関するPMI Certification研修を受講したことを証明する書類を保管する必要があります。それに基づいて申請をします。ただし履修した内容に品質、スコープ、タイム、コスト、人的資源、コミュニケーション、リスク、調達、統合マネジメントのPMI-RMP試験知識エリアが含まれていることが要求されます。

試験名称:PMI Risk Management Professional

1.Lisa is the project manager of the SQL project for her company. She has completed the risk response
planning with her project team and is now ready to update the risk register to reflect the risk response.
Which of the following statements best describes the level of detail Lisa should include with the risk
responses she has created?
A. The level of detail is set by historical information.
B. The level of detail should correspond with the priority ranking.
C. The level of detail must define exactly the risk response for each identified risk.
D. The level of detail is set of project risk governance.
Answer: B

2.Jenny is the project manager for the NBT projects. She is working with the project team and several
subject matter experts to perform the quantitative risk analysis process. During this process she and the
project team uncover several risks events that were not previously identified. What should Jenny do with
these risk events?
A. The events should be entered into qualitative risk analysis.
B. The events should be determined if they need to be accepted or responded to.
C. The events should be entered into the risk register.
D. The events should continue on with quantitative risk analysis.
Answer: C

3.You work as the project manager for Bluewell Inc. Your project has several risks that will affect several
stakeholder requirements. Which project management plan will define who will be available to share
information on the project risks?
A. Risk Management Plan
B. Stakeholder management strategy
C. Resource Management Plan
D. Communications Management Plan
Answer: D

4.You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Your project is using a new material to construct a large
warehouse in your city. This new material is cheaper than traditional building materials, but it takes some
time to learn how to use the material properly. You have communicated to the project stakeholders that
you will be able to save costs by using the new material, but you will need a few extra weeks to complete
training to use the materials. This risk response of learning how to use the new materials can also be
known as what term?
A. Team development
B. Benchmarking
C. Cost of conformance to quality
D. Cost-benefits analysis
Answer: C

5.Jenny is the project manager of the NHJ Project for her company. She has identified several positive
risk events within the project and she thinks these events can save the project time and money. You, a
new team member wants to know that how many risk responses are available for a positive risk event.
What will Jenny reply to you?
A. Four
B. Three
C. Seven
D. Acceptance is the only risk response for positive risk events.
Answer: A


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