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高い品質と高価値E20-532試験の解答killtest実践試験のEMC Specialist E20-532テスト参考書は最も標準的な技術を正確的に書き入れ、権威的な専門家とエンジニアの出版した新製品だけを使います。一回だけで成功することを保証します。

killtest EMC Specialist資格認定を取得することにより、E20-532試験急速に拡大するこの市場分野において、自らが選ばれた存在であることを証明出来ます。
EMC Specialist資格取得者はプログラム参加のために投じた時間や労力と引き換えに、E20-532参考資料を多くのメリットを得ることが出来ます。

試験名称:Networked Storage-san specialist exam for Storage admins

1. Which Cisco tool is used to monitor, configure and manage multiple MDS switches?
A. Device Tools
B. SAN Manager
C. Fabric Manager
D. Connectrix Manager
Answer: C

2. A customer has plugged a new host into his SAN but cannot see the HBA WWNs appear in the
Topology. What are two [2] ways to resolve?
A. Reset the switch
B. Rediscover the switch
C. Enable SNMP on the switches
D. Install the Host Agent and wait for the host to be discovered
Answer: BD

3. Which database service needs to be verified if EMC VisualSAN 4.0 displays errors on program start?
A. Oracle 8i
B. Informix 9
C. Sybase 11
D. SQL Server 2000
Answer: D

4. Which two [2] management tools have SAN zoning capabilities in a McDATA environment?
A. Connectrix Manager
B. Fabric Control Watch
C. Embedded Web Server
D. Storage Virtualization Control
Answer: AC

5. From Connectrix Manager, which two [2] levels of user rights can be assigned to specific users?
A. Fabric Administrator
B. System Administrator
C. Product Administrator
D. Configuration Administrator
Answer: BC


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