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killtest Welcome Kitの送付:VCP410試験合格者にVMware 米国本社から郵送されます。ピアソンVUEでのスコアレポートには30日以内に送付される旨の記載がありますが、現時点では、発送までに6〜7週間程度かかる状況です。受験前提コースを修了された上で合格スコアレポートがあればVCPに認定されています。VMware VCP認定の状況を確認されたい場合は、英文で受検します。

killtestはVMWare VCP VCP410問題集を提供し、無料ダウンロート、killtestは一年以内無料更新版のサービスを提供いたします、killtest問題集は本格テストとすごく近いし、合格率は100%でございます!

試験名称:VMWare Certified Professional on VI4

1. An administrator is installing ESX 4.0 on a physical server. Which of the following components would
need to be modified or replaced to support a successful installation?
A. 4 Intel PRO 1000 Network Adapters
B. 2 LSI Logic LSI7202XP-LC Fibre Channel HBAs
C. 2 AMD Opteron CPUs
Answer: B

2. Which of the following partitions is specific to ESXi 4.0?
A. usr
B. vmkcore
C. scratch
D. swap
Answer: C

3. An ESX Administrator plans to install additional supported components on the ESX Server that would
increase the memory requirements for the Service Console. Which ESX Server partition would also need
to be increased during installation as a result?
A. /
B. vmfs3
C. swap
D. /boot
Answer: C

4. Which of the following tasks can be selected from the home page of an ESX Server (Choose Three)?
A. Download VMware vCenter Server
B. Browse Objects Managed by this Host
C. Browse Virtual Machines in this Host's inventory
D. Browse Datastores in this Host's inventory
E. Download VMware Web Access Client
Answer: ABD

5. When installing ESX 4.0, where is the Service Console file system located?
A. In a virtual disk on a local VMFS datastore
B. In a virtual disk on a local or shared VMFS datastore
C. On a local physical disk or on a mapped SAN LUN
D. On a local physical disk
Answer: A

6. The default swap partition size for ESX 4.0 is which of the following?
A. 800MB
B. 1.6GB
C. 544MB
D. 600MB
Answer: D

7. Creating which of the following optional partitions would change the default partition size for /?
A. /tmp
B. /home
C. /var/log
D. /usr
Answer: D


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