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ktestは000-068問題集を提供しております、ktestの000-068製品Infrastructure Virtualization/Business Resilience Tech Desig試験問題集を使った後、お客様がIBM Certifed Systems Expert認定合格にただ一歩の距離があります。まだ確信させませんか?


1.A customer is planning to combine and virtualizing five AIX servers and forty-one x86 servers with a
BladeCenter. The CIO requests the implementation plan be published and provided to appropriate parties.
Which of the following approaches meets this requirement?
A. Enlist a certified project manager to write and publish the plan
B. Develop the plan with the appropriate stakeholders and distribute
C. Use a proven template with needed change in details and publish
D. Enlist the firm legal department to assist to create and publish to minimize risk
Answer: B

2.A customer is consolidating Linux Systems on an IBM System z. The customer has limited budget.
Which of the following IBM storage platforms meets these requirements.?
A. DS8700
C. DS3400 with SVC
D. DS3200
Answer: C

3.A customer with several different IBM server types plans a virtualization project. They plan to use
vSphere. Which of the following customer servers would not participate in this project as described?
A. iDataPlex
B. HX5 Blade
C. PS701 Blade
D. x3850 M3
Answer: C

4 .Which of the following is the first thing that should be discussed while conducting a storage
consolidation Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA)?
A. How much useable storage is needed for the solution?
B. Is there enough power at the customers' location for the solution?
C. Make sure an IBM Storage SupportLine contract is in sold to the customer
D. Are the customers' expectations and requirements clearly understood and documented?
Answer: D

5.Which of the following best describes the role of the IBM Installation Planning Representative (IPR)?
A. Plans the scheduling of IBM resources during an solution implementation
B. Reviews installation plans to ensure that they meet customer expectations
C. Conducts a customer site survey prior to hardware delivery
D. Facilitates communications between IBM and Partner resources
Answer: C


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