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Nortel NCSS 920-163
試験番号: 920-163

試験の名称: NCSS-Contact Center Manager RIs.6.0 Technical Support

問題と解答:63 Q&As
価格(日本円): \7900 JPY

1. A server administrator has received a warning that memory is running low for a partition reserved for
log files. You decide to run the Database Expansion utility, which automatically detects any available new
partitions. Which two of the following are true about disk partitions that will be automatically used by the
utility? (Choose two.)
A. It has at least 1 Gbytes free space.
B. It has at least 2.1 Gbytes of free space.
C. It is currently allocated for database use.
D. It is not currently being used for a database.
Answer: BD

2. When you remove the servers from the warm standby configuration, the system must update the
replication configuration data in the active and standby server database. What must you ensure before
you remove the servers from the warm standby configuration?
A. You have created a new partition in the replication server with the Database Expansion Utility.
B. There is ample room on the replication server to store the active and standby server databases.
C. The servers for Contact Center Manager Server are connected to the Nortel Server Subnet, and the
pcAnywhere service is running on both servers.
D. The servers for Contact Center Manager Server are connected to the Nortel Server Subnet, and the
Sybase SQL service is running on both servers.
Answer: D

3. A technician has installed a Contact Center Standby Server platform and is experiencing critical errors
in the configuration. The new Active, Standby, and Replication Servers meet the following requirements: ?
They are dedicated. ? They have been loaded with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and the Windows
Server 2003 Service Pack. Network connectivity appears correct. What is the most likely cause for the
system errors?
A. The Windows Server 2003 service pack is not the latest version.
B. pcAnywhere software version 11.5 was not installed after the patch.
C. The Pre-installation Compliancy Checker utility was not run after the operating system was installed.
D. The Windows Server 2003 service pack was not loaded on the Active Server before it was loaded on
the Standby Server.
Answer: D

4. During installation a technician learns that the Communication Server 1000 switch will be moved in six
months and a new IP address assigned. The technician enters the current switch information during the
software installation. After the switch has been moved, where can the switch information be modified?
A. The Nbconfig Utility
B. The Migration Utility
C. The Feature Report Utility
D. The Database Restore Utility
Answer: C

5. A DSI thread is unable to connect to the standby server database because a network problem
disrupted the connection between the replication server and the standby server database. What is the
status of the DSI/DSI EXEC thread in the replication server monitor?
A. down
B. connecting
C. suspended
D. dsconnected
Answer: B

6. Which utility can be used to repair the database allocation map and the index allocation map in your
A. a Platform Recovery using the Migration Utility
B. a Database Integrity Check using the Migration Utility
C. a Database Integrity Check using the Database Restore Utility
D. a Database Integrity Check using the Database Expansion Utility
Answer: B

7. You have experienced a catastrophic failure and have just restored the database of the Contact Center
Server. Before you restored the system to full service, you completed the procedure to check the integrity
of the database. Which log file do you view to find any errors or messages?
A. dbseg.txt
B. DbChk.log
C. Backup.log
D. sysops..log
Answer: B


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