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Oracle OtherOracleCertification 1Z0-640
試験番号: 1Z0-640

試験の名称: Siebel7.7 Analytics DataWarehouse Dev.Prof.Core Exam

問題と解答:99 Q&As
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Siebel7.7 Analytics DataWarehouse Dev.Prof.Core Exam試験はkilltestは今も掲載のOracle認定試験模擬問題を一覧することができます。解答を受験前の直前対策、苦手分野の克服などにご活用下さい。試験番号は1Z0-640はkilltest全部提供いたします。気楽に試験を通すように助けます、ご使用になってください!

1. Which is NOT true of Workflow session log files?
A.Generated for each session
B.Saved in the Informatica Client directory
C.Include allocation of system-shared memory
D.Default name is session_name.log
Answer: B

2. Which of the following are recommended ETL configuration practices? Choose three.
A.Always run complete ETL process
B.Test the modified ETL by running an execution plan
C.Create a backup of the DAC repository
D.Document all changes made to the repository
Answer: BCD

3. What are some of the data-related challenges that create difficulties in making business decisions?
Choose three.
A.Too much irrelevant data for the job role
B.A static reporting tool
C.A business analytics tool that is too easy to master
D.A reporting tool that allows the users to initiate their own query
E.Ever increasing data volume
Answer: ABE

4. Which of the following could be used to optimize ETL session performance? Choose two.
A.Drop indexes prior to loading, and then recreate indexes afterwards
B.Partition large fact tables
C.Build mappings to maximize connection time to the OLTP
D.Use constraint-based loading whenever possible
Answer: AB

5. Which of the following Informatica Designer tools would you use to import, create, and maintain target
A.Warehouse Designer
B.Mapping Designer
C.Source Analyzer
D.Transformation Developer
E.Mapplet Designer
Answer: A

6. Which of the following is true of the ETL process?
A.SDE routines are used to extract data from the SRMW tables
B.SDE routines are only for full extraction
C.Staging tables have to be persistent until the next ETL processes
D.SIL processes load data from the staging tables into the dimension and fact tables
Answer: D

7. Which of the following is NOT a way to start the DAC server?
A.By setting up the command line access to the DAC server
B.By double-clicking the DAC Server icon on your desktop to run the startserver.bat file
C.By setting up the DAC server as a scheduled task
D.By double-clicking the DAC Client icon on your desktop to run the startclient.bat file
Answer: D

8. In which of the following applications do you run Exception Reports?
A.Informatica Monitor
B.DAC client
C.DAC server
D.Siebel Tools
E.Analytics Administration Tool
Answer: B

9. Which Siebel Relationship Management Warehouse table stores default values used in ETL?
Answer: B

10. When do the Siebel Relationship Management Warehouse Hierarchy tables get populated?
A.During the incremental image capture
B.During the Extract
C.During the Transform process
D.During the Load process
E.After loading the general, dimension and fact tables
Answer: E

11. Which of the following DAC tasks can be used to populate the W_PARTY_LOGIN table?
Answer: C

12. Which of the following are true of the Type R Change Capture tables? Choose two
A.Type R Change Capture for S_ORG_EXT is S_ETL_D_IMG_26
B.They maintain a record of all data extracted to the warehouse
C.They store extracted data before loaded into target tables
D.They store denormalized hierarchical relationships
E.They store information about changes to data in transactional system
Answer: BE

13. In which internal table is the datasource identifier stored?
Answer: B


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