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夏のIT業の HP実力HP Certification I は基礎編
killtestのHP資格認定用PDF問題集及び模擬試験ソフトは多くのITのプロが研究し作成されたもので、且つ各種の資格認定試験も年間継続更新となっており、提供したものの最新化及び高品質を確保することができます。killtestのHP Certification I の問題は経験のある専門家がHP0-J10試験問題の研究に力を尽くして出したの問題集でございます、HP0-J10は100%合格することはkilltesが提要いたします、HP Certification I 試験はIT分野で重要な資格認証になっています、英語版を提供いたします。

1. Which statements are true about the HP StorageWorks Command View XP Advanced Edition CLI?
(Select two.)
A. CLI cannot be used for license management.
B. Input can be single line entries or scripted batch files.
C. CLI is a separately licensed product with the XP24000.
D. When installed, the CLI is executed from the SVP in the array.
E. CLI is used if a text-based interface is preferred over the GUI or when it is more efficient to run scripts
or batch files to manage XP disk arrays.
Answer: BE
2. Where does the HP StorageWorks Command View XP Advanced Edition management server store
configuration and statistics information?
A. out on the individual host agents
B. in shared memory of the XP array
C. on the SVPs of each array subsystem
D. in a local database on the management server
Answer: D
3. When must a customer use HP StorageWorks Command View XP Advanced Edition over Remote
Web Console XP?
A. simple LUN management
B. CLI based array management
C. Business Copy XP management
D. centralized management of multiple XP arrays
Answer: D
4. A customer wants to manage their storage environment using HP Storage Essentials. Which XP device
software tool is required to allow HP Storage Essentials to manage an XP24000 array?
A. External Storage XP
B. Remote Web Console XP
C. LUN Configuration and Security Manager XP
D. A separate software license is not required, as the capability is included in HP Storage Essentials
Answer: D 5. Which additional features are added by HP StorageWorks Command View XP Advanced
Edition over Remote Web Console XP? (Select three.)
A. array administration
B. SNMP trap forwarding
C. single sign-on user authentication
D. logical grouping of storage capacity
E. assignment of cache LUNs to hosts
F. displaying host specific device information
Answer: CDF
6. Which features offered through HP StorageWorks Command View XP Advanced Edition are not
available with Remote Web Console XP? (Select two.)
A. reporting
B. cache partitioning
C. SNMP trap forwarding
D. TSM and Replication Monitor
E. automation of BC/CA HORCM file creation
7. A customer wants to use the copy pair operations feature of HP StorageWorks Command View XP
Advanced Edition. What is required? (Select two.)
A. a host agent
B. RAID Manager XP
C. an external database
D. at least 32GB of cache
8. Which XP array component transfers data between disk drives and cache memory?
A. Disk Adapter (DKA)
B. Shared Memory PCB
C. Channel Adapter (CHA)
D. Service Processor (SVP)


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