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HP Certification I認定
killtesはHP0-Y13試験問題集の最新版を提供し、ProCurve Network Management試験は100%の本格的な試験問題集は過去の試験問題及び最新模擬試験問題から作られたもので、全試験科目は常時最新化され、最新の試験内容まで織込む精確性が保証できます。すべての試験科目は一度お買い上げ頂ければ、問題集は一年以内無償更新できます!高価な講座を受ける必要はなく、短い時間の独学だけで、一発合格が可能となります。

1. Which modifications can you make to PCM using the CIP? (Select three.)
A.modify the color scheme used for PCM windows
B.add a right-click menu to the Devices List window
C.add a tab to the Network Management Home page
D.display third-party SNMP traps in the Events browser
E.add an authentication method for PCM management users
Answer: BCD
2. Which attributes can be referenced in an IDM Access Rule to determine the Access Profile that will
apply? (Select two.)
B.IP address
D.operating system
E.endpoint integrity status
Answer: CE
3. What is required to use the automatic product registration feature in PCM?
A.The devices to be registered must support SSH.
B.The devices must be based on the ProVision ASIC hardware.
C.The username and password of a My ProCurve account must be provided.
D.The devices must be specified using an IP address range or domain name prefix.
Answer: C
4. How can PCM discovery be customized to meet network operation preferences? (Select two.)
A.Each phase can be configured to run at a different interval.
B.A device can be permanently excluded from future discovery processing.
C.It can be automatically restarted when a threshold number of devices become unreachable.
D.A sleep timer can be applied when a high traffic volume level is detected on selected VLANs.
E.Devices exhibiting periodic network disconnects can be monitored using a customized ping schedule.
Answer: AB
5. Which capability does PCM+ support for managing ProCurve device software updates?
A.The PCM+ management server can periodically download a software versions list to determine if
updates are available.
B.ProCurve switches that support the PCM+ Policy Manager can be scheduled to check the ProCurve
download FTP site directly.
C.Software image files can be downloaded directly to a USB drive on switches that support them and
scheduled for installation at a later time.
D.Checking for software updates to PCM+ and its plug-ins includes retrieving any available software
updates for currently discovered devices.
Answer: A
6. Which type of information does the Configuration Manager allow you to export for a previously
discovered device?
A.system performance statistics
B.authentication status of 802.1X ports version and boot ROM version
D.percentage of ports connected during a time period
Answer: C
7. Which statement is true about PCM or PCM+?
A.PCM+ is supported on Linux in addition to Windows.
B.PCM is included at no cost with all ProCurve manageable devices.
C.PCM is implemented as a Microsoft Management Console snap-in on Windows.
D.PCM+ is intended as a complete replacement for the switch CLI and web management interfaces.
Answer: B
8. Which features are only available in PCM+? (Select two.)
A.node-to-node path trace tool
B.VLAN network topology views
C.device discovery using LLDP/MED
D.switch-to-switch consistency checking
E.device access through web and CLI interfaces
Answer: AD


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