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killtestのJNCIA認定 JN0-541試験問題集
Juniper Networks資格の特徴

1. In order to obtain attack information so that you can create a new attack object definition, you must
follow certain steps. Given the following steps, assume you have acquired the attack source code.
a. On target machine, start capturing packets with a protocol analyzer.
b. On sensor, examine scio ccap output.
c. Compile attack code on attacker machine.
d. On sensor, run scio ccap all.
e. On attacker machine, run attack code against target. What is the correct order for these steps?
A. e, c, d, b, a
B. c, d, a, e, b
C. c, e, b, d, a
D. c, d, e, a, b
Answer: B
2. Which three devices support clustering? (Choose three.)
A. IDP 10
B. IDP 50
C. IDP 200
D. IDP 600
E. IDP 1100
Answer: CDE
3. Which sensor utility is used to decode the contexts of a sequence of packets?
A. netstat
B. scio pcap
C. tcpreplay
D. scio ccap
Answer: D
4. Which sensor command will capture packets on a particular interface?
A. sctop
B. tcpdump C. netstat
D. tcpreplay
Answer: B
5. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. A virtual circuit is not a forwarding interface.
B. A virtual circuit is a communications path in and out of the sensor.
C. Virtual circuits on a sensor can be listed using the command sctop vc list.
D. In transparent mode, a virtual circuit maps one-to-one with a physical interface.
Answer: BD
6. What does the action "drop packet" instruct the sensor to do?
A. Drop all packets from the attacker's IP address.
B. Drop the specific session containing the attack pattern.
C. Drop only the specific packet matching the attack object.
D. Drop any packet matching this source IP, destination IP, and service.
Answer: C
7. On a sensor in transparent mode, how many virtual circuits are assigned to a virtual router?
A. 1
B. 1 or 2
C. 2
D. 3 or more
Answer: C
8. In IDP Sensor clustering, which port is used to send state synchronization information to other devices
in the cluster?
A. eth0
B. eth1
C. eth2
D. console port
Answer: B


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