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Other Oracle Certification 認証の1Z0-235テストは、IT技術者育成カリキュラムと人材評価ツールである資格とのあわせて、 インターネット技術者の育成とともにその力を総合的に証明できる世界共通の国際IT資格です。

1. You receive the following error while connecting to an Oracle9i database instance: ORA-12523
TNS:listener could not find instance appropriate for the client connection Which action would be
appropriate in the context of investigating the cause of error?
A. checking the listener.ora file to verify that the protocol specified in ADDRESS is supported by the
database server
B. checking the sqlnet.ora file to verify that the NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH =
(TNSNAMES,HOSTNAME)parameter is set
C. executing the lsnrctl services command to verify that the instances are registered with the listener, and
have the READY status.
D. checking the tnsnames.ora file to verify that the net service name specified in your connect string is
mapped to a connect descriptor
Answer: C
2. You are using rollback segments in your database. To ease transaction management, you want to
implement automatic undo management by using the following steps:
1. creating an undo tablespace
2. setting the UNDO_MANAGEMENT parameter to AUTO in the parameter file
3. changing the tablespace that has the rollback segments to an undo tablespace by using the
4. setting the UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter to the tablespace that has the rollback segments
5. dropping the rollback segments and create undo segments in the same tablespace that has the
rollback segments Which option would you use?
A. 3 only
B. 1 and 2 only
C. 2 and 3 only
D. 3 and 5 only
E. 2 and 5 only
Answer: B
3. You specified extent management as local for a tablespace. How will this affect space management in
the tablespace?
A. Bitmap will be used to record free and allocated extents.
B. Free extents will be managed by the data dictionary tables.
C. The tablespace can have extents containing blocks of different sizes.
D. The tablespace will be system managed and the users cannot specify the extent size.
4. Which statement regarding the KEEP buffer pool is true assuming that it is sized correctly?
A. The buffer pool can be used for data blocks of standard size only.
B. The buffer pool can be used for data blocks of both standard and nonstandard sizes.
C. The buffer pool eliminates data blocks from memory when they are no longer needed.
D. The buffer pool holds data blocks from schema objects that are not assigned to any buffer pool.
5. Which two statements are true regarding object privileges? (Choose two.)
A. The privileges cannot be granted to a user in the form of a role.
B. The object owner can grant the privileges to any other user in the database.
C. Any user that has the GRANT ANY OBJECT PRIVILEGE can grant the privileges on behalf of the
object owner.
D. The grantee of the privileges with WITH GRANT OPTION can revoke the same privileges from any
other user irrespective of its grantor.
Answer: BC
6. Which two statements are true regarding the temporary tablespace? (Choose two.)
A. Used for sort operations
B. Can contain permanent objects
C. Cannot be shared by multiple users
D. Cannot be created with nonstandard block size specification


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