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killtestの練習問題の目標はお客様のニーズを最優先と考え、その信頼を得るために、日々努力しています。killtest全攻略問題集はpdfフォームは一番人気な形式でポイントできて、ソフト版は実際の試験雰囲気を模擬したものです 。以下は1Z0-026問題集無料デモです。

1.When is the request sent to a listener?
A. After every call.
B. Before every call.
C. After name resolution.
D. Before name resolution.
Answer: C
2.The initial number of dispatchers is set to 50. Because of the load on the dispatcher
processes the DBA needs to decrease the number of dispatchers. Which two
recommended procedures could be used? (Choose two)
A. Issue the ALTER SYSTEM command to remove dispatchers.
B. Issue the ALTER SESSION command to remove dispatchers.
C. Edit the MTS_DISPATCHERS parameter and bounce the database.
D. Edit the MTS_MAX_DISPATCHERS parameter and bounce the database.
E. Edit the MTS_MIN_DISPATCHERS parameter and bounce the database.
Answer: A, C
3.Which NAMESCTL command can be used to manually force Names Server discovery?
A. Flush
B. Reload
C. Reorder_NS
D. Discover_NS
E. Start_client_cache
Answer: C
4.Which feature needs to be configured in Connection Manager to enable your system to
scale to a large number of users?
A. Connection Pooling
B. Network access control
C. Connection concentration
D. Multiple protocol interchange
Answer: C
5.Which folder would you use in the Net8 Assistant Tool to change the naming
A. Profile
B. Configuration
C. Service Names
D. Oracle Names Server
Answer: A
6.In which file is the information that host naming is enabled stored?
A. Init.ora
B. Sqlnet.ora
C. Tnsnames.ora
D. Listener.ora
Answer: B
7.Which statement is true regarding connection breaks?
A. In-band breaks are faster than out-band breaks.
B. In-band breaks use messages that invoke operating system signals.
C. In-band breaks are issued to the server process by the operating system.
D. Out-band breaks send urgent data messages and are faster than in-band breaks.
E. There are no fundamental differences between in-band breaks and out-band breaks.
Answer: D
8.How many response queues are present in a multithreaded server environment?
A. One per system.
B. One per database.
C. One per listener.
D. One per dispatcher.
Answer: D


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